Wonderful juice concentrate liquid.

POM Wonderful® 100% Pomegranate Juice Concentrate is a high-quality pomegranate juice concentrate pressed from whole pomegranates suited for a variety of applications.


With over 9,000 acres in Central California, POM Wonderful® is the world’s largest U.S. exclusive grower of Wonderful variety pomegranates. We have designed a proprietary process to remove water and naturally retain the beneficial polyphenols and nutritious attributes of the pomegranate.


This ensures our juice concentrate is pure and loaded with the unique nutritional components and great taste naturally found in Wonderful variety pomegranates, that are renowned for their sweet, tart taste, consistent size and ruby red arils.

  • Qualifications

    • U.S. origin, California
    • Standardized to 65 Brix (liquid)
    • No added sugars, acid, color, preservatives or flavors
    • Increased purity and quality created with a proprietary evaporation process
    • Consistent quality from lot to lot
    • Favorable pomegranate flavor and color profile
    • Allergen-free
    • All-natural
    • Non-irradiated
    • Non-GMO, Kosher, Halal, Vegan and Gluten-free
    • Extended shelf life of 3 years
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Wonderful possibilities.

It’s just what you’d expect the from the POM Wonderful® pomegranate people: the most wonderful 100% pomegranate concentrate on the market. Always consistent and always available, use it as a deliciously healthy ingredient in all kinds of ways including:

    • sauces
    • marinades
    • beverages
    • smoothies
    • bars
    • [insert your idea here!]