POM Wonderful®

In 1986, a hidden treasure was discovered within a pistachio orchard that had been acquired in Central California. Among the pistachio trees was a grove of Wonderful variety pomegranates – Wonderful being the sweetest and juiciest variety of all.

Rather than pull out the trees, as many suggested, we decided to explore the possibilities of this ancient, legendary fruit. After tasting the juice from an orchard press, we knew in our hearts that we could not keep this deliciously healthful discovery to ourselves.



We grow only the Wonderful variety:

  • Renowned for their sweet, tart taste, consistent size and ruby red arils
  • Proven to have a unique polyphenol profile
  • Only Variety backed by clinical research

Over 9,000 acres in sunny California

  • Ideal growing conditions
  • Hot and arid summer
  • Cool in winter
  • Minimal rainfall

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